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VICK, McPHEE & LIU A Law Corporation (VML) was established in Vancouver in 1980 by 3 Canadian lawyers including Dale Vick, Richard McPhee, and Bernard Liu. The law firm has been providing a wide variety of immigration services to agents and clients locate in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, India, Middle East, Africa, and European countries.

VICK, McPHEE & YOUNG Consultants Ltd. (VMY) adopted the immigration business from VML Taiwan Branch, and was officially registered with Taiwan Government as an independent immigration consulting firm since 1996.

Irene Y. Young joined VML Taiwan Branch Office as a Branch Manager since VML Taiwan Branch was established in late of 1989, and became a partner of VMY in 1996. Since then, she restructured VMY business to include services for Canadian and U.S. immigration business and became a sole proprietor of VMY in1999 till today.

During 1990 through 1996, Irene Y. Young with assistance from Canadian lawyers established a marketing strategy of FAST TRACT service to clients in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and successfully helped several hundreds of family obtaining their immigrant visas by groups of traveling to Canadian Visa Offices in Rome, Madrid, London, Paris, Pretoria of South Africa, Lagos of Kenya, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York of U.S., Mexico, and countries in South America for immigration interviews.

The FAST TRACT marketing strategy was so unique and created a fabulous business for VMY-VML. However it was ceased in 1996 due to restriction from new regulations.

Vick, McPhee & Young (VMY) specializes in the consulting services of business and investor-based immigration to Canada and the United States. 

Having helped hundreds of Taiwan residents obtain their immigrant visas, VMY has also successfully secured the very first registration of the United States EB-5 project (American Life Inc. Regional Center - 1501 LP) with the Taiwan government, giving a tremendous boost to the marketing in China.

With over 20 years of experience in the immigration business, Irene Y. Young, has mastered the intricate skills of identifying the right immigration option for each client and packaging successful applications.

Irene has been instrumental in the development of immigration laws in Taiwan by influencing the government agency to incorporate the updated regulations from overseas. Irene has also been the friendly liaison between the government agencies and the consulate services of foreign entities in Taiwan. 


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